"The print is absolutely fantastic. The tones are great on my Japanese paper as well! I love it. I could see some very tiny needles of the pine tree that I can't see on inkjet print! Congratulations for making such a beautiful piece of art. I didn’t expect that carbon prints could be so detailed."
          -Olivier Robert (France)


"You really can't scrape the smile off my face seeing this image printed like this. This is absolutely beautiful!!"
          -Jeremy Calow (Canada)


“They're stunning! They're actually even better that I had envisaged.”
          -John Crowley (Ireland)


“I have to say that although I’m not used to having my photos finished by other photographers, the result surprised me, it’s absolutely magnificent.”
Read more about Juan Rodriguez's experience having his work finished in carbon on his blog, here.
          -Juan Rodríguez (Spain)


"I love it, it’s exactly what I wanted."
          -Patrick Borie-Duclaud (France)


"What a nice surprise to see my work printed this way, only one word for it “wonderful.” I have a slightly larger inkjet print on Cold Press Natural done by myself which does look good, but your print is in a different league, so rich in depth almost 3d, the colour is beautiful, the paper you have chosen does justice to the image, thank you."
          -Martin Henson (England)


"it's really amazing..what a texture and tones! Beautiful!"
          -Mihaela Ivanova (Bulgaria)


"I received the print and it looks very good. There are beautiful tones in both black and white. The texture feels very fine, a nice quality!"
          -Richard Brocken (The Netherlands)

"It looks wonderful and I love the sense of layers, almost three dimensional. I also love the thickness and feeling of the paper"
          -Tal Paz-Fridman (Isreal)
"I am extremely happy with the quality of the print. The rich brilliant blacks and the soft warm greys give a very beautiful and unique look to the print. It was a pleasure to work with Calvin, as it is always a pleasure to discover that there are people - such as him - creating such special art." 
          Giuseppe Papallo (England)

"As a photographer, I try to envision what my final image will look like once the film is developed, scanned and ultimately printed – I don't want my JPEGs to stay JPEGs and die a slow death on my hard drive – I want to print what matters.  I've been having prints made for years and have always been happy with the results, but like any good thing, you get what you pay for.  I came across an article about alternative processes for photographers, and in the article was a video by The Wet Print about carbon transfer prints.  As a photographer, it was one of those "ah-ha" moments.  I immediately emailed Calvin and within a very short period of time we were discussing what image of mine would make the best carbon transfer print.  Seeing the in-process shots he'd send me was torturous – but opening the package in the mail was like opening a gift on Christmas Morning.  A photo simply doesn't convey how stunning this carbon transfer print is – it is about the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen.  To see the end result of my image combined with Calvin's printing, well, I've never made a more beautiful image, and I know that had it not been printed in this manner, it simply wouldn't evoke the same response or emotions."
          -Travis Cobb (USA)


“It’s really spectacular! The texture is like nothing else. It reminds me of screen printing but with better nuances. Surprizing!" See a more in depth review on Toni Ricart's blog here.
          -Toni Ricart (Spain)


Check out Ken Rieves' blog post about his experience, here.