The Wet Print is an alternative photographic printing service as well as an educational resource for those interested in learning how I make my prints. I am dedicated to working with clients to create one of kind images that stand far apart from the mainstream inkjet print. My goal is to share in your passion for photography and be able to create images as a partnership. Whether you are an artist working on an exhibition or want a special gift for someone, I will provide a marvelous print. 

          Unlike mainstream photos, which can easily be printed exactly the same over and over again, alternative processes are unforgiving with any mistakes and when all goes well no two prints are ever the same; each photo has its own character that lends to its beauty. A single print that I feel confident sending to a client takes days to produce.

           To read about the journey that goes into making each print click here, then select the process that you would like to know more about. My current specialty is the Carbon Transfer print. Also, feel free to explore my statement as an artist, and learn about the differences between wet and dry prints by clicking on the buttons below.